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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Premium Cocktail Experiences presented by The Fruit Stand LA.

Thanks for stopping by the Pink Panther, our online & Instagram speakeasy. It’s a good place for a good time, not a long time. What’s understood does not need to be explained. You know da vibes-Mood AF. These blogs feature all the content and more from our seasonal cocktail series. We love a good cocktail, couture, & conversation experience, but make it health-ier. Cheers to Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams & Drinking Responsibly!!!

Entry Fee: LA type of time. If you know, you know.

The mixologist: CEO, but we will switch it up all the time. Pick your favorite by the cocktails you like.

The DJ: Apple Music Playlists

The Proper Energy Etiquette:

• Culinary Wellness Priority 1

#2 Mind your business

• Follow Rule #2

• Enjoy Yourself!

• All inhibitions left @ the door

• Sense of Humor

• No Judgment & No Pressure

• Keep it Cute

• Talk to Me Nice, Period.

Style: Fly Shit Only!

About Our Cold Pressed Juices:

Our juicing methodology allows each juice to maintain its maximum nutrient and vitamin retention. We grind. We press. This will enable us to retain a concentrated amount of live valuable enzymes and vitamins that otherwise would be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruits and vegetables alone.

The Upcoming Menu: Clearly, to be tried @ home! Recipes Coming Soon!

• A California Goldie

• The Tom Bullock

• LV & Me

• A Bradshaw

• Cocktails @ Tiffany’s

• Pretty Woman

The Icebreakers: We’re Not Really Strangers All Packs Included. Each blog post will contain 3 random questions selected from the game, We’re Not Really Strangers. Anyone could be answering the questions. The point is to not know who but to find yourself within the answers. We all have so much more in common than we think! Sit down, order a drink, grab a card & let’s talk!

Card 1: What Piece of Advice Has Helped Your Mental Health the Most?

A: Self-care is self-preservation.

Card 2: Do You Think the Image You Have of Yourself Matches the Image People See You As.

A: It’s so much more fun to be misunderstood.

Card 3: What are you still trying to prove to yourself?

A: Bitch…you got life by the balls.

Conversations: Endless. We’ll share stories from all sorts of drunken experiences, girls’ night out, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, cocktail stories, bartender stories, one-night stands, hook-ups, link-ups, sneaky links, etc... DM us with your story, and we might post it. Due to Rule #1, All submissions are kept anonymous—conversation preference: Funny or Purposeful.

Here’s one for starters:

I am not a fan of champagne, so it’s the area I am growing in. My experience is that it creates bad breath. So childish, I know, but I can’t help it. We were introduced in the club for some life celebration, I’m sure, but not only did I not like the taste, but I also didn’t like the after effect. Everyone I spoke to had bad breath after drinking it. It’s like everyone had a cottonmouth. Not a fan. I am big on hygiene. Especially when confronted with it in my face all night. Afterward, I kind of swore it off. After this experience, each time I was offered a glass, I politely declined. Some things are just not your thing, and that is totally OK. Although, my friends find it surprising that it’s not a part of my lifestyle. I mean, I do adore the movie An Affair to Remember, and I remember Deborah Kerr’s character, Terry McKay, loved a glass of Pink Champagne.

As we geared up for launching Cocktails, I have a dear friend obsessed with Champs & Orange Juice. I am obsessed with décor, and I think a champagne glass is so sexy, like a silhouette. Therefore, I decided to expand my palate, open my mind, and try another brand of champs. I call it Pretty Woman because of the glass, and Pretty Woman is my mother’s favorite movie. It was an appropriate title. If Vivian Ward was at the Beverly Wilshire today, she would totally order a glass of Pink Champagne.

Drink Responsibly! Health & Risk Factors

It would be very wild of us not to give you some alcohol warnings and cover the basics, so here we go!

Always consult with a physician.

The Risks of Alcohol Scale

High: 5+ drinks daily

Moderate: 3-5 drinks daily

Low Risk: 1 or 2 daily

Social: A few drinks a week offer minimal risk.

Practice Abstinence if:

• Diabetes

• Hypertension

• Heart Disease

• Pregnant or Nursing Mothers

• Planning Pregnancy

• Blood Sugar Problems

• Liver Disorders (Especially Hepatitis)

• Ulcers & Gastritis

• Viral Diseases

• Yeast Problems

• Mental Confusion

• Fatigue

• Hypersensitive Reactions to Alcohol

Good 2 Know:

• Alcohol converts to fat, obesity (especially abdominal obesity, the dangerous area) also often occur with high alcohol use.

• 95% of alcohol consumed must be metabolized in the liver, taking precedence over other functions. Fat metabolism slows, and fat builds up in the liver.

• Glutathione helps prevent fat buildup in the liver through its enzymatic activity, so the tripeptide glutathione may be supplemented with essential L-amino acids.

• Going out for a heavy night of drinking and don’t want to be too faded, try taking a few cap fulls of evening primrose oil to decrease alcohol consumption.

• Avoid fried foods or rancid or hydrogenated fats. DM us with any questions on this.

About the Liver

Our liver and kidneys are our primary organs for neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. One of their main functions is to eliminate any potential threat that may contribute to the deterioration or damage of the body’s vital organs.

Everyday Stressors and Environmental Toxins include, but are not limited to, the air we breathe, alcohol consumption, smoking, trauma, processed food, cleaning supplies, cookware, kitchen utensils, emotional stress, coffee, and so much more.

Liver cell membrane integrity depends upon adequate essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, vitamin E, and magnesium. These should be abundant in the gut.

Use hepatoprotective herbs such as Milk Thistle and Bitterroot to protect normal liver cell physiology and aid in the growth of new liver cells. If you want to know more about the cell system, read our blog, The Miseducation of the System, under Health category.

Most liver herbs will be stimulating the liver and the gallbladder.

A few foods for strengthening liver health:

• Turmeric

• Artichoke

• Spinach

• Kale

• Cabbage

• Leafy Greens

• Lemon

• Grape

• Apple

• Pineapple

Remember to buy organic, local, seasonal, nutrient-dense whole foods as much as possible.

Hey Siri, Play Rihanna “Cheers.” We’ll drink to that.

Stream Rihanna’s Loud Album on Apple Music here:

Find & Follow Us & DM Us on IG @TheFruitStandLA

Find & Follow US on Apple Music @thefruitstand


Haas, E. & Levin, B. (2006). Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine 21st ed. Ten Speed Press.

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