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Can I adjust my plan later on?
Are custom plans available?
How do I order my juice?
What happens if I don’t order all my juices in a month?
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Setting Up Passwords

I’ve Forgotten my password, What should I do?
How can I get in touch with your customer service?
What is your customer service turnaround time?
How may I participate with the philanthropic work?
Do you ever do giveaways or contests?
How do I become a member of the Buddy System?


How Many Calories are in Your Juices?
What is the difference between Hydraulic Press vs Centrifugal Press?
Am I going to lose weight?
When were my juices made?

More Questions

Can you explain your delivery process?
What forms of payment can I use?
What Is the Buddies x Benefits Loyalty Program?
How Do I Receive A Punch Card?
Learn More about our Recycle Program

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